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Contact Us

University Cashiers/Student Accounts

Arkansas Union Room 214
P(479)575-5651| F(479)575-8667
Amber SisemoreDirector of Student Accounts (479)575-3282
vacantAdministrative Analyst (479)575-3448
vacantFiscal Support Supervisor (479)575-7325
Lea Anne JohnsonFiscal Support Supervisor (479)575-3190
vacantFiscal Support Specialist (479)575-2748
Michelle HudsonFiscal Support Specialist (479)575-6623
Michael MedinaFiscal Support Specialist
Serena NastasiFiscal Support Specialist (479)575-7508
Sarah SarquistFiscal Support Specialist (479)575-6636
Katherine WilliamsFiscal Support Specialist (479)575-7675

Student Loans

Arkansas Union Room 214
P(479)575-5651| F(479)575-8667
Kathryn McAllisterFiscal Support Manager (479)575-6259
Michelle MoeCollector (479)575-3448
vacantFiscal Support Specialist (479)575-7598
Shirley MartinStudent Accounts Officer (479)575-5344
Wayne YoungStudent Accounts Officer (479)575-7468

Accounting Office

Uptown 220 NW
P(479)575-5651| F(479)575-8667
Jason RankinFinancial Systems Coordinator (479)575-2718
Penny MillsAssociate Director of Treasurer’s Office (479)575-8451
Jordan CampbellDirector of Student Financial Accounting (479)575-7548
Cody ClarkProject/Program Specialist (479)387-3837
Bryan HollandProject/Program Specialist (479)575-2532
vacantFiscal Support Analyst (479)575-6264
Andrea HoweFiscal Support Analyst (479)575-8446
Austin SturdivantFiscal Support Analyst (479)575-5972
Cole TeasterFiscal Support Analyst (479)575-6296
Georgette MadewellFiscal Support Supervisor (479)575-7545
Jade CriselFiscal Support Analyst (479)575-3337
Mel DexterFiscal Support Analyst (479)575-2004
vacantFiscal Support Specialist (479)575-7925

Treasurer's Office

Operating Hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
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