Graduate Assistants

Beginning with the fall 2020 semester, the Treasurer’s Office will no longer allow payroll deduction for an individual with a $0.00 account balance, even if the individual is expecting additional aid.

Graduate assistants appointed to at least a 25% position will be classified as in-state students for tuition purposes. Graduate assistants appointed to at least a 50% position will be classified as in-state students for tuition purposes AND will have in-state tuition paid. Miscellaneous and mandatory fees (activity fees, college fees, etc.), books, housing and other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Graduate Waivers

The process for your graduate waiver begins in your employment department. After it is entered in the BASIS system and approved by your department head, the Graduate School or Graduate School of Business must approve the waiver. Once the waiver has completed the approval process through BASIS, it is applied to your student account in UAConnect. If your waiver has not been applied to your student account, contact your department to verify that your waiver has been submitted. If it has, contact the Graduate School or the Graduate School of Business to request a status report. Once the wavier applies to your account, any funds used to pay your tuition charges from your financial aid will be refunded to you.

Important Deadlines
Deadline Fall  2023
Financial Adj for Dropped Classes See New Policy
Financial Adj for Withdrawal See New Policy
Payment Deadline (no payment plan) Aug 25
Financial Aid/Scholarship Disbursement Begins Aug 15
Payment Plan Last Installment Nov 25

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