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Welcome to the University of Arkansas. We know that paying for college can be stressful and at times you may not know where to find the information you need. We hope our website will answer your financial questions and provide you with the tools you need to help you have a successful career here at the University of Arkansas.

University Cashiers Office is the point of exchange for all student and non-student University payments and collections including fees, tuition, room and board and other miscellaneous items. Use the links below for all student payment and account information.

This office is also the collection point for departmental deposits and student organization deposits. Additional responsibilities of this office include processing and collection of all returned checks, providing change, initiating installment payment plans, and disbursing financial aid checks. Use the links above to utilize the intra-campus services of the Student Accounts/University Cashiers Office.

Student Payment and Account Information

Understanding Billing Statements

Invoices are created monthly for students or others receiving on-campus services from the University of Arkansas. An email notification is sent to the uark email account when the invoices are ready to view. The student invoices are created monthly until the balance is paid in full. Student invoices are not created for students with a zero account balance.

Example of a Billing Statement...

  • The header section of the bill contains the amount due, payment deadline and billing date information. The header message box details important information related to that billing cycle.
  • The Previous Balance field displays the amount due remaining from the last billing cycle.
  • The body of the bill lists all transactions and financial aid that have been applied to the account since the last billing cycle.
  • The Current Amount Due totals the previous balance with the new account activity.
  • The bottom portion of the billing statement is the payment remittance slip and is to be returned with payment to the Treasurer's Office.

IMPORTANT: Please do not include credit card information on the remittance slip when mailing a payment to the Treasurer's Office. If you would like to make a credit card payment, please visit the Make a Payment page for additional information.

Failure to Pay

If an account balance remains outstanding for 120 days after the end of the billing term with NO payment activity, the account is forwarded to collections.

  • No services are provided to the student while the balance remains outstanding, including receipt of transcripts, diplomas, or further registration privileges at the University of Arkansas.
  • An outstanding balance with the University of Arkansas NEVER expires! To receive services at any time in the future, all outstanding charges MUST be paid in full.
Important Deadlines
Deadline Fall  2022
Financial Adj for Dropped Classes See New Policy
Financial Adj for Withdrawal See New Policy
Payment Deadline (no payment plan) Aug 26
Financial Aid/Scholarship Disbursement Begins Aug 15
Payment Plan Last Installment Nov 26

Treasurer's Office

Operating Hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
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