Registered Student Organization (RSO) Checking Accounts

Registered Student Organizations are required to deposit their funds with the University. National social fraternities and sororities maintaining a living unit are exempt from this regulation.

The Treasurer's Office encourages all student officers and advisors to be familiar with all the University's policies governing Registered Student Organizations. For Information on funding and registration, please visit the Student Organization and Activities section of the Student Handbook.

Location and Hours

Account information can be obtained and account activity conducted, including making deposits and picking up checks, in the Treasurer's Office, located in the Arkansas Union, Room 214 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Writing Checks

Any current officer or advisor that is approved by the Office of Student Activities may submit check requests. RSOs should email with the following information to request a check:

  • Pay to: Vendor Name (cannot write a check to yourself)
  • Address (required even for pickup):
    • Address Line: City, State, Zip
  • Amount: $x.xx
  • Memo: Reason for the check
  • RSO Name: Full name please
  • Workday Worktag: AGxxxxx (AG00850)
  • Requested by: Student or Advisor name (must be a Checkwriter on RSO HogSync roster)
  • Delivery Method: Mail (preferred) or Pick Up

Attach receipts if over $300, or if recipient is a faculty/staff member, receipt must be included for any amount.

Checks are printed Tuesdays & Fridays and the deadline is 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the check run.

A Reminder...

  • Checks cannot be made payable to the same officer/advisor submitting the check.
  • Persons working for an RSO cannot be reimbursed using a regular RSO check. See Paying for Labor.
  • Checks cannot be written to "cash".
  • Receipts must be presented when picking up checks written to reimburse faculty or staff at the University.
  • Receipts must be presented when picking up checks written to a student for any amount over $300.00.
  • Voided checks should be returned to the Treasurer's Office.

Making Deposits

Deposits can be made from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Treasurer’s office located in the Arkansas Union in Room 214. A receipt will be given for each deposit made. All receipts should be retained as part of the organization's financial records. Follow these steps in making a deposit:

  • Endorse all checks with the name of the organization, the account number, your name and title.
  • If there is more than one check in a deposit, run a register tape* verifying the total amount of the checks.
  • RSO groups receiving more than $100.00 per day are required to make daily deposits. RSO groups receiving less than $100.00 per day are required to make deposits when they accumulate $100.00, or weekly, whichever comes first.
  • Run a register tape verifying the total for the cash.
  • Run a final tape verifying the total amount of the entire deposit (checks and cash).
  • All RSOs should fill out an RSO deposit transmittal form.  Verify that the form contains all required information and that it is accurate, then click the Print button to prepare the copy that you will bring to the University Cashiers Office with the deposit. The transmittal document must include the information below:
    • RSO name
    • RSO Contact's name
    • RSO Account number
    • Phone number
    • typed list of the check(s) that includes the following information: name of payer, date of check, check number, and the amount of each check (attach additional forms if more lines are needed)
    • short description of the activities generating the funds
    • totals deposited for checks & cash
  • Present the deposit with register tapes to a cashier.

*A calculator is available in the Treasurer's Office for running deposit tapes.

Requesting Statements

A qualified officer/advisor may obtain a statement by sending a request via e-mail to Amber Sisemore at or by visiting the Treasurer's Office. Reconciliation services are available upon request.

Returned Checks

The Treasurer's Office will deduct the amount of the unpaid item from the appropriate deposit and notify the treasurer of organization via their campus e-mail account. There is no service charge on unpaid items. It is the responsibility of the RSO to collect the funds for any unpaid item.

Service Charges

An annual service charge equaling .5% of the total deposits from July 1 through June 30 is assessed on June 30. The amount will be no less than $.05 and no more than $50.00.

Unexpended Balances of Inactive Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations previously registered with the University may have unexpended balances remaining in their organizational checking accounts, even though the group is no longer active on campus. If a Registered Student Organization fails to officially re-register with the Office of Student Activities for two (2) consecutive years, its University checking account will be closed. Any unexpended balance remaining in the checking account will be used to fund programs and materials for Registered Student Organizations.

Paying for Labor

When an RSO becomes an employer, (i.e. hires its own members or other persons to work for the organization) labor must be paid through Human Resources' hourly payroll system. Contact the Payroll Manager at 479/575-5351 for information on hiring procedures and the hourly payroll process.

Caution: Human Resources (Payroll) is unable to issue a payroll check to any hourly employee who has not completed the required forms and been entered into the hourly payroll system. The Payroll Department must be contacted before persons are allowed to begin work for any RSO.

New Officers/Advisors

Any change in Officers or Advisors during the year will require updating by the Office of Student Activities staff. Approval by the Office of Student Activities is required before the new officer or advisor will be granted access to an RSO checking account. Please visit the Office of Student Activities for additional information on changing or updating officers and advisors.

Treasurer's Office

Operating Hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
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