Departmental Deposits

All departments collecting monies on behalf of the University must meet the following criteria:

  • Approval of the Business Affairs Office for the fee or activity generating the revenue.
  • Approval of the Treasurer's Office for the procedures used to receipt, safeguard, and deposit revenues.

Departments receiving more than $100.00 per day are required to make daily deposits. Departments receiving less than $100.00 per day are required to make deposits when they accumulate $100.00, or weekly, whichever comes first.

With the implementation of Workday, to make a deposit with the University Cashier Office you must be set up in CASHNet to create your deposit transmittal. Please contact to get your department set up with the correct access.

Selective departments that receive significant revenue may be authorized to make deposits directly to the University's bank. Contact the University Cashiers Office for further information or authorization.

Transmittal Deposits received in the University Cashiers Office represent activity between the department and the bank. The Treasurer's Office only facilitates the transfer of the unopened, locked bank bag. The University Cashiers Office receives the deposit slips with the transmittal bank bag and receipts these deposits per departmental direction.

A representative making a departmental deposit must wait until the deposit has been verified and receipted by the University Cashiers Office. Any discrepancy in deposits is recorded as cash over/short, which will appear on the Departmental Budget Report (DBR).

Under no circumstances are deposits to be forwarded to the University Cashiers Office through Campus Mailing Services.

Departments are responsible for verifying the deposit activity with their DBRs on a monthly basis. All discrepancies are to be brought to the attention of the University Cashiers Office in a timely manner; otherwise, the errors could result in the loss of funds for the department.

Departmental change orders of any size are filled at First Security Bank on campus at 640 North Garland, Suite 106.

Treasurer's Office

Operating Hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
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